Entrepreneurship is about trying and testing new solutions and innovations, understanding the risks, finding what works best for your customers, learning from mistakes, executing and moving on. People who don’t make mistakes or who won’t confess to making mistakes will never become good entrepreneurs.  However, a disciplined approach to planning, executing and evaluating your business strategy, along with an effective business development process, could significantly increase your chance of success.


Arvan Chan Consulting provides customized consulting and advisory services that support industries undergoing new business development and significant business model changes. We help new entrepreneurs and corporate clients responding to development activities and understanding critical market factors that generate uncertainty and risk exposure. Our solutions below lead to conflict resolution, optimized performance, increased competitive advantage, and effective risk mitigation to create a long-lasting positive impact for our clients. We are inspired by a steadfast commitment to excellence and strive to earn the trust of our clients by consistently exceeding their expectations.  



How I can help you

business STRATEGY

  • Business Strategy Development & Plan Review
  • Business Model & Strategy Design
  • Market, Competitive & Product Assessments
  • Identification & Evaluation of Strategic Options
  • Performance Monitoring & Measurement (Financial & Operating Metrics)



  • Business & Implementation Plan Development
  • Evaluation of Joint Ventures, M&A, and Other Growth Opportunities
  • Industry Analysis, Target Evaluation &  Screening
  • Financial Modeling & Valuation
  • Deal Structure & Negotiation

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