strategic PLANNING

  • Manage and facilitate strategic and financial planning process
  • Develop strategic plans that are based on long-term vision
  • Align strategies and initiatives with existing resources

strategic EXECUTION

  • Engage cross-functional team to execute initiatives
  • Identify resource gaps and requirements

strategic EVALUATION

  • Track and measure process and success
  • Re-evaluate existing plans based on internal and external changes

Selected Publications

Global Health and Healthcare Strategic Outlook: Shaping the Future of Health and Healthcare

World Economic Forum, L.E.K. Consulting (acknowledgement: Arvan Chan), 2023 January.

The Health Care Handbook: A Clear and Concise Guide to the United States Health Care System, 3rd Edition

Elisabeth T. Askin, Nathan Moore (acknowledgement: Arvan Chan), 2022 November.

HIV Replication Enhances Production of Free Fatty Acids, Low Density Lipoproteins and Many Key Proteins Involved in Lipid Metabolism: A Proteomics Study

Suraiya Rasheed*, Jasper S. Yan, Alex Lau, Arvan S. Chan. PLoS ONE. 2008 August 20. 3(8): e3003. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0003003.

Proteomics of Canine Lymphoma Identifies Potential Cancer-Specific Protein Markers

Dudley L. McCaw, Arvan S. Chan, Andrew L. Stegner, Brian Mooney, Jeffrey N. Bryan, Susan E. Turnquist, Carolyn J. Henry, Hannah Alexander and Stephen Alexander. Clinical Cancer Research. 2007 April 15; 13(8):2496-503.

Sphingolipid Control of Anticancer Drug Resistance in Dictyostelium Discoideum and Human Cells

Junxia Min, Priya Sridevi, Arvan Chan, Bandhana Katoch, Hannah Alexander and Stephen Alexander. International Dictyostelium Conference, Autrans, France. 2005 August 13.

Identification and Characterization of a Novel Dictyostelium Discoideum Gene Involved in Resistance to the Sphingosine Kinase Inhibitor N, Ndimethyl Sphingosine

Priya Sridevi, Arvan Chan, Hannah Alexander and Stephen Alexander. Missouri Life Science Week. 2005 April 15.

​​Isolation of Dictyostelium Discoideum Mutants Resistant to the Sphingosine Kinase Inhibitor Dimethyl Sphingosine (DMS)

Priya Sridevi, Arvan Chan, Kent Gates, Hannah Alexander and Stephen Alexander. Missouri Life Science Week. 2005 April 11.

Is Melanoma a Stem Cell Tumor? Identification of Neurogenic Proteins in Trans-Differentiated Cells

Suraiya Rasheed, Zisu Mao, Jane MC Chan, and Linda S Chan (acknowledgement: Arvan Chan). Journal of Translational Medicine. 2005 March 22; 3:14.

Proteomic Analysis to Identify Breast Cancer Biomarkers in Nipple Aspirate Fluid

Hannah Alexander, Andrew L. Stegner, Colette Wagner-Mann, Garrett C. Du Bois, Stephen Alexander and Edward R. Sauter (acknowledgement: Arvan Chan). Clin Cancer Res. 2004 Nov 15;10(22):7500-10.

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