Building for the future and thinking long-term strategies is how successful companies distinguish themselves from the rest of their industry. While continuously re-inventing themselves to better align with the competitive market landscape, these companies not only focus on improving their earnings and accelerating their growth, but they also create job opportunities, expand the industry, and stabilize the local economy.


Arvan Chan Consulting provides strategic, financial, and operational consulting and advisory services for entrepreneurs, recent start-ups, and medium-size organizations facing the challenges of uncertainty, risk, distress, and significant changes.


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Investing in the future for a better tomorrow. Changing the world, one industry at a time, is why we invest in transformational founders and bold ideas. Through the power of partnership, we are more than just investors. We are a group of strategic partners, operators, innovators, and industry specialists, all with a common goal to make the world a safer and better place for all. We have launched a venture capital fund in 2021 to empower smart, innovative, passionate entrepreneurs, who are driven to disrupt the status quo. Together, we are breaking boundaries and accelerating impact in local communities around the world.

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